About us

At inspiratGames our team is everything. The current team includes a bunch of latest-generation development guys, some design boys and girls, a few lazy business guys and some gaming veterans, we also count on some marketing liar, though they are charming people, well, sometimes.

Our common passion for desktop and Android games helped us becoming a close group of people that share this culture of “working hard and playing harder”. We had tons of fun building the company from scratch and never stopped.

And that's all my friend, we are here to entertain you and help you to step up this ... level.

From left to right, Albert (Producer), Guillem (Total Artist), Boris (Chief Programmer) and Alex (Chief Game Designer)

From left to right, Fabià (Art Director), Dani (Junior Programmer) and Julen (Junior Programmer)

Guillem talking to Fabià and explaining how to make whispered clouds and Fabià thinking WTF ...